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  • 1036 Polka Dots - One Size Fleece Hoodie - Long

    Polka Dots – One Size Fleece Hoodie – Long

    One Size Warm Winter Fleece Hoodie – Long
    Available in:
    1. Coral Fleece (single layer)
    2. Sheeps Fleece (double layer)
    • Sheeps fleece is a super soft and thick DOUBLE layered fabric with high quality coral fleece fabric outside and soft and fluffy sheeps fleece inside.
    • Very light sheen finish
    • Outside: White Coral Fleece
    • Inside: Stone Sheeps Fleece


    • One Size
    • 100% Polyester

    RETURNS / EXCHANGES:  All Products on this shop are custom printed on order and cannot be returned or exchanged except for faulty products.

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